A hard fought victory for AWHC M2XI against Wolverhampton

On Saturday 4th Nov a hotly contested match was fought between Aldridge & Walsall (AWHC M2XI) and Wolverhampton where the end result looked to be even despite the visitors looking like unlikely winners before the game. It seemed that the visitors brought their A-game as they took the lead in the first half but the run of play made it seem unfair that the score wasn’t level.

It didn’t take long for Aldridge & Walsall to score in the second half with goal scorer Haider bringing a boost to the side’s game. The further it went into the match, the more likely it seemed that they would score again however it was the visitors that struck an unlikely goal that proved a need for Aldridge & Walsall to maintain high levels of effort in order to get the score line that seemed deserved given how the game was going.

Aldridge & Walsall kept battling and in the end, they managed to convert their chances and scored to bring the score to 2-2 through Dave Foster much to the joy of the team. The boost of morale carried the team forward as a draw wasn’t enough and Dave Foster scored again to wrap up three points for the home side. Thanks to the hard work form the defence and midfield, the visitors had limited chances throughout the game and the score ended 3-2.

Both teams battled hard but in the end, the skill levels were shown through the score line which was to be expected before the game. The match proved to be a lesson to both sides in which hard work can change the course of a game even when a side is underestimated. Underestimating the visitors showed to be a mistake which came back to bite Aldridge & Walsall but the determination they had pushed them to victory, a victory that was deserved and hard fought.